I’m moving — check me out at my new place

I started my website in 2009 at the same time I started my editing-related freelance business. I long ago moved my main website to Adobe’s platform and changed the name from markallenediting.com to markalleneditorial.com (I also write sometimes). But I kept the old domain and this site just for my blog because Adobe Muse didn’t really do blogs well. Adobe has discontinued its otherwise excellent Muse software and is shutting down its web-hosting platform next month, so I’ve moved again, this time to a Wix site, and I realize I should have done this long ago.

One great thing Wix did moments ago was take all my WordPress blog posts and put them on my new website. This means I no longer need to maintain this site for my blog. This site still shows up high on Google searches (a lot of people are interested in the spelling of “aw”), undoubtedly leading some who are searching for me to see an old site instead of the new one.

I will keep the markallenediting domain, but I’ll soon have it redirect to markalleneditorial.com. Nothing will be lost except an out-of-date home page and, importantly, the subscriber list. I hope to return to blogging (don’t we all?), and I think I will find greater motivation with everything on one site.

So, please, if you are interested, check out markalleneditorial.com. There you will find my blog entries, a list of tweeted tips, and a growing list of word-related FAQs. You can also click on a chat box to ask me a question or say hello. And the site also houses information for upcoming episodes of That Word Chat. Sign up on the blog page to receive blog updates.

I hope we’ll still keep in touch.