ACES 2014 National Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Contest entries

Grammar Day: March 4
also Fat Tuesday this year
drunken conjugate!

Holly Ashworth @ActuallyHolly Feb 21

In a blog forest,

sad fruits of correction fall

from the pedant tree.

Nancy Friedman @Fritinancy Feb 21

To whom it concerns:

You’re using “whomever” wrong.

The bell tolls for thee.

sonal chokshi @smc90 Feb 20

bitcoin or Bitcoin/ who cares? it’s more than money/ still, go ‘btc’ in tweets #grammarday [not haiku tho if count ‘btc’ as indiv syllables]

sonal chokshi @smc90 Feb 20

I don’t wanna be/ buried in grammar graveyard/ said Oxford comma –me (with inspiration from The Ramones) #grammarday

Nancy Friedman @Fritinancy Feb 19

Heinz: “Where there’s happy.”

@Harrys: “Less expensiver.”

Branding weirds language.

Nancy Friedman @Fritinancy Feb 19

Yes, “ain’t” is a word.

Look it up in Webster’s Third.

Your peeve is absurd.

Nancy Friedman @Fritinancy Feb 19

Wow. Very poem.

Amaze syllabifying.

Because #grammarday.

Between you and I
Grammar ain’t but what we do.
(Bet you understood.)

James Callan @scarequotes Feb 19

I love the language
so please stop smothering it
under zombie rules.


It is not ‘sneak peak’
Sneaking a mountain is hard
Please, please write ‘sneak peek’
Exclamation points/Like salt on mashed potatoes/please use sparingly #grammarday
#Grammarday calls for haiku ~ but I have a limerick for you ~ To compose a rhyme ~ takes somewhat more time ~ but shows what an edit can do.
The editor writes, / “Omit Needless Words,” but means / “STFU, dude!”
“Eh, forget this man”/will leave some poor guy lonely/”Eh, forget this, man”
Your words are sunlight ~ proper grammar acts like a ~ freshly washed window
Mededitor @Mededitor

“Omit needless words”
Presupposes that you know
Which ones to expunge

Tom Freeman @SnoozeInBrief

When a zombie rule

Rises up to haunt you all

Whom you gonna call?

Brian Baresch

You all are aware / The correct name of this form / Is “senryu,” right? Right?

Brian Baresch @Editer

Good editors
Can finish a haiku
With room to spare.

Scan your manuscript ~ for stray punctuation marks: ~ colonoscopy

John McIntyre @johnemcintyre Feb 19

Your editor knows / things about you your mother / never suspected.

Chris Smith@cswriter
ACES loves haiku
Fun, and good you didn’t trust
Us with limericks.

polar antithesis of