Our winning haiku / a playful mix of grammar, / wisdom, poetry

After hours of discussion about the finer points of haiku, grammar and gamma radiation, the six judges and the sponsor of the National Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Contest emerged from their secret grammar chamber to announce a winner.

It was not an easy task, and there were many opinions on which haiku should wear the figurative mantles of victory (no actual mantles will be awarded). Because there are so many excellent haiku that deserve mention, I’m compiling a complete list from the #grammarday hashtag, and I’ll post it here shortly.

Without further delay, the winning haiku:

Spell-checkers won’t catch
You’re mistaken homophones
Scattered hear and their

The winning haiku was written by Gord Roberts (@GordinaryWords on Twitter), whose 18 tweets to date are all about National Grammar Day. He wins the top prize of a copy of “Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing,” by National Grammar Day host Mignon Fogarty, and his choice of a t-shirt or mug with my favorite piece of writing advice: www.cafepress.com/EditorMark.

If Gord should be unable to complete his National Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Winner duties, that responsibility will fall to our first runner up: Andy Hollandbeck (@4ndyman on Twitter). His haiku:

If you’ve much to say
A well-placed semicolon
Can save your big but

Second runner-up is Dawn McIlvain Stahl (@PurplePenning) who offered:

With bowl, spoon, and milk,
I like to add a little
serial comma

Third runner-up is Gerri Berendzen (@gerrrib):

A wise ruler knows
dangling modifiers can
confuse the subjects

Our fourth runner-up is Melissa Dobson (@madbeyond):

Words are discrete waves
And language is a vast sea
Grammar is a ship

Honorable mentions go to Wendy Mackall, John McIntyre, Arika Okrent, Scott Huler, Jen Ross, David Sanchez, Neal Whitman and William Regan. I’ll post their haiku in a bit along with the scores of other honorable entries.

Thank you to all our hardworking judges:

Be sure to visit the National Grammar Day website at http://nationalgrammarday.com/. And check back to this blog for updates.


4 thoughts on “Our winning haiku / a playful mix of grammar, / wisdom, poetry

  1. Gord’s winning haiku is brilliant. I appreciate the honorable mention, but the moment I saw Gord’s earlier this week, I thought, “Well, I’m not going to win this contest.” Props to the judges for their decision, and thanks for all the fun!

  2. Great choice of winner. I love that it’s such a visual haiku.

    It was fun to compose with all of you. Great way to celebrate National Grammar Day. A tip of my red pen to all of the competitors.

  3. How kind, William. I loved your nervous apostrophe! The first runner up made me cackle. I also really enjoyed @ReadingLisa’s “snuck/sneaked” entry and @arikaokrent’s “irregardlessness” along with all the great entries from my friend Dawn, @PurplePenning! Congrats everyone!

  4. I love the haiku of the 4th runner up, but I can see why the word play in the others caught the judges eyes.

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