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Mark AllenThis is the website of someone who loves a well-formed sentence and understands that the power of ideas comes through thoughtful presentation. Words shouldn’t intimidate. They’re the greatest tools we possess.

After two decades at newspapers in Michigan and Ohio, I am available to help you craft clear messages for your readers. I am also available for small or large presentations on style and usage. My career as a copy editor and writer for newspapers, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and individuals has taught me the value of simplicity, whatever the audience. My focus is the message, conveyed to the reader honestly and understandably.

Projects have included an early-childhood education website, an institutional history book, business-to-business materials for a large financial firm, newsletter stories for a child-focused health institute, and accreditation applications for universities. I teach copy editing and write about word usage here and for Copyediting newsletter. As @EditorMark, I tweet regularly on grammar, usage and style. I was the first freelancer elected to the American Copy Editors Society executive board.

At this website, you will find my blog entries and hundreds of short tips about word usage. There are links to my resume and LinkedIn profile. I hope this provides you with some useful information on what clearly written copy can do for you.

Please send me an e-mail anytime at or a Tweet at @EditorMark. I also answer the phone at 614-961-9666.

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American Copy Editors Society

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