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Mark AllenThis is the website of someone who loves a well-formed sentence and understands that the power of ideas comes through thoughtful presentation. Words shouldn’t intimidate. They’re the greatest tools we possess.

Noah Webster’s 1841 “American Dictionary of the English Language” contained 70,000 entries. The unabridged successor to Webster defines nearly half a million words, but the average vocabulary contains less than 10 percent of them. We can function quite well with just a few thousand. We pick a few of those words and string them together in basically the same way to form sentences. Each sentence contains a subject and an action and a few details.

There is a simplicity to the English language.

My career as a copy editor and writer for newspapers, Fortune 500 companies, universities and individuals has taught me the value of simplicity, whatever the audience. My focus is the message, conveyed to the reader honestly and understandably.

At this website, you will find my blog entries and hundreds of short tips about word usage. There are links to my resume and LinkedIn profile. I hope all this provides you with some useful information on what clearly written copy can do for you.

Please send me an e-mail anytime at or a Tweet at @EditorMark. I also answer the phone at 614-961-9666.

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